10 Ways You Never Knew You Could Become A Millionaire

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1. Doggles

Goggles for your dogs? Who’da thunk? But doggles have grown into a million dollar fashion statement that no dog should be without.

2. Billy the Big Mouth Bass

Because no home should be without a talking fish mounted on their wall.

3. Pet Rocks

Who needs a Furby or a Tickle-Me-Elmo when you can have a rock? These rocks with googly eyes were the brainchild of advertising exec Gary Dahl and managed to sell 1.5 million “pets” in 1975, making Dahl a millionaire.

4. Shake Weight

Exercising has never looked more glamorous.

5. The Million Dollar Homepage

In 2005, Alex Tew had the “brilliant” idea of creating a website consisting of a million pixels and selling adspace for a dollar per pixel. About five months later he had made a million dollars.

6. Chia Pets

Why bother growing a regular plant when you can grow “plant hair” on a hippo, a cat, or even the likeness of the next president?

7. Antenna Balls

For car enthusiasts that have accessorized every other part of their ride, the antenna is the final frontier.

8. Lucky Wishbone Co.

Ever get down during Thanksgiving dinner because you didn’t get to snap the wishbone? Ken Ahroni solved this problem with a mass-produced plastic wishbone that snaps just like the real thing.

9. Snuggies

Staying warm never looked more ridiculous.

10. Baby Toupee

Just in case your baby gets self-conscious of being bald. A “Donald Trump” toupee is seen below.

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