10 Popular Websites That Don’t Look Like They Used To

Face it, the internet has been around for a while now. Remember what these sites looked like 10+ years ago? Congratulations, you’re old. Be sure to check out the great events at New York’s Internet Week May 20th-27th - you’ll see just how far this internet fad has come.

1. Twitter

Via http://www.twitter.com

Twitter must have sounded like such a silly idea when it came about in 2006. Well, fast forward seven years and we’ve got presidential candidates using it to field questions during debates.

2. Yahoo

Via http://www.yahoo.com

Yahoo has been around forever, guys. Look at those old icons. Look at the prompt - “Need a Friend?” Of course you don’t. There’s internet now.

3. Facebook

Via http://www.facebook.com

Mark closed the door on his ivy-league education to get Facebook off the ground, which was probably a good choice, overall. While the functionality of Facebook has drastically changed over the years, the basic layout has mostly survived.

4. BuzzFeed

Via http://www.buzzfeed.com

Oh how did this get in here! We’re blushing.

5. Wikipedia

Via http://www.wikipedia.org

Curious laymen and lazy college students rejoice - Wikipedia is twelve years old. And they’ve managed to keep it simple and intuitive the whole way through. Good on ya, Wikipedia.

6. YouTube

Via http://www.youtube.com

In its infancy, YouTube must have been a pretty confusing place. Videos? Why would I want to watch random videos? So naive, eight-year-younger self! SO NAIVE.

7. Google

Via http://www.google.com

The OG. Dropped the exclamation point, gained a title: Master of All Things Internet.

8. Amazon

Via http://www.amazon.com

Mmmmm…html. Love it. When Amazon was just for books, the internet was so young that people didn’t question the design choices. They were mostly just trying to master hand-eye coordination with the cursor.

9. MySpace

Via http://www.myspace.com

It’s had its ups and downs, sure. But look at it! The ugly duckling is now a swan.

10. Reddit

Via http://www.reddit.com

Alright, well…ok. At least on a surface level, Reddit hasn’t changed much. Wow. It really hasn’t changed much at all, has it.

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