3 Of The Most Politically Incorrect ECards I Could Find

Heaps of my friends share images of these ECards on Facebook, so I figured it was time to share the most sexist ones I could find. Always good for a laugh, and hopefully they won’t upset too many people!

1. 1. I think I’ve swallowed enough of your DNA to be considered Jewish

I don’t know what to say about this, other than that it is extremely wrong! It gives me a bit of an uneasy feeling in the stomach.. :/

2. 2. I only swallow because there is no other equally time saving method of post-intercourse clean up.

As far as inappropriately sexual comments go, this is right up there! I’m surprised they can get away with having this published, but nevertheless it’s EXTREMELY hilarious if you can enjoy the funny side of it!

3. 3. Having the same STD is a sign we should be together.

People that have an STD might not find this funny, but I don’t (as far as I’m aware), so to me this is hilarious! Another top politically incorrect statement made forgiveable by the light humour added through the image.

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