17 Movie Stars You’d Most Want As Your Co-Star

If you got to star in a movie, who would you want most by your side? Here are some suggestions that make all the sense in the world to us.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Because we’d want to be on her good side for when the world ends.

2. Channing Tatum

Because he could totally teach you some of his sweet dance moves.

3. Nicolas Cage

Because everything he touches turns into cinematic gold.

4. Zooey Deschanel

Because she could teach you whimsical ukulele lessons in between takes.

5. Bill Murray

Because you know there’s no way he wont be a total blast to work with.

6. Ice-T

Because Ice doesn’t mess around. Plus, you might get to hang out with his awesome wife Coco on set - a total bonus.

7. Dustin Hoffman

Because the chances for your film to be nominated for an award will automatically quadruple as soon as he steps onto the set.

8. Emma Watson

Because you’d finally get a chance to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming best friends with her.

9. Gary Busey

Because you know you’ll have awesome tales to share with your friends when it’s all said and done.

10. Neil Patrick Harris

Because he’d instantly class up up every man, woman, child, and hot dog vendor in a two mile radius. .

11. Alison Brie

Because she is our Internet Girlfriend and we love her.

12. Michael Fassbender

Because he’s a prime example of fine German engineering.

13. Nick Offerman

Because his mustache is the best-stache.

14. Christopher Walken

Be-cause…he has the. Best. Speech patterns.

15. Mila Kunis

Because you’ll be able to close your eyes and pretend you’re in a cartoon and your co-star is Meg Griffin.

16. Ryan Gosling

Because you didn’t actually expect us to leave him off this list, did you?

17. Mary-Elizabeth Winstead

Because you wouldn’t hesitate to fight off seven evil exes for her any day.

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