24 Signs You’re Suffering From #Instacurity

Instacurity (n.): An excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likeability. You know the type. The person who’s constantly checking their smartphone for notifications. The one who can’t eat a meal without taking a photo first. The girl who hashtags everything. And the guy who won’t follow a girl he’s dating, because he’s afraid it will ruin his following-to-follower ratio. These are the victims of #instacurity. The question is, do you suffer too?

1. You PURPOSELY send Facebook messages instead of texts or emails, JUST so you know the exact time it was “seen.”

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2. You “recycle” whenever your Instagram photo doesn’t get enough likes.

Remove. Refilter. Repost.

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3. You #hashtag your text messages.

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4. You take it personally when you follow someone and they don’t follow back.

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5. You commit the sin of Usernamedropping.

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6. You spend 30 minutes debating between Lo-Fi and X-Pro II, only to decide on #nofilter.

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7. You constantly second-guess whether you’d have gotten more likes on a photo had you just gone with the OTHER filter.

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8. You think that your browser is broken when no new Facebook notifications appear after you hit refresh.

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9. When your Klout score drops, so does your self-esteem.

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10. You treat “likes” as charity, and sometimes consider giving a sub-par status a “like” as your good deed for the day.

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11. The mere fact that you know that Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags…

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12. …as well as the fact that you know which hashtags are the most popular and get you the most likes. #onedirection

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13. Everytime you get a new Twitter follower, you stalk their “following” list to ensure you’re in good company.

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14. You delete any photos or statuses that don’t get a minimum number of likes in a certain amount of time.

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15. Your biggest fear if your phone is lost or stolen? The fact that your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is in SOMEONE ELSE’S HANDS!!

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16. You’d never be Instagrammed in the same outfit twice.

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17. Your camera roll is filled with selfies that just didn’t make the cut.

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18. You get offended when someone doesn’t know what a #selfie is.

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19. When driving, you actually hope to hit every red light…JUST so you can check your notifications.

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20. Your first instinct after getting in a car accident isn’t to call 911, but rather, to tweet about it.

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21. You pick your social outings based on whichever is more Tweet-worthy and Instagrammable.

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22. When going out, you decide which friends you @-mention based on who has the most followers.

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23. You post vague status updates like “Feeling blessed…” or “Everything happens for a reason…” just because you want people to comment, inquire, and MOST importantly…like.

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24. You join BuzzFeed Community just to promote your new project about social media insecurities… #instacurity

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