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  • An unlikely resident foster mom at Insight Animal Rescue.

    Do you know that Pit Bulls can be some of the most empathic, gentle, and motherly dogs you can find? Well Cher would like to show you how she helps Insight Animal Rescue’s feel safe and loved. Cher, a shelter rescue herself, was actually adopted and returned to the rescue 4 times for different reasons. Mia Anelli the rescues founder decided to keep Cher as her own. This was the best desicion Mia has ever made. She couldn’t images a life without her. Cher comforts, cuddles, and loves the new reasues while they wait to be adopted. She makes all the difference sometimes.

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  • The Day I Was Rescued. These Dogs Faces Say It All…26 Photos To Love.

    It could be scary and they might have been nervous or they could have instantly been overjoyed to get in your car and so grateful to drive away. Dogs can’t make a poker face. If there feeling it , their face and body language express it. Insight Animal Rescue is a non profit animal rescue in Los Angeles, CA. Here are the freedom photos from Insight Animal Rescue. Taken by its founder Mia Anelli. Get ready to smile, laugh, say awwww and maybe tear up a bit.

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