This Hotel Has The Best Customer Service Ever

I told the hotel about it, and they did this.

This was the bed that I arrived to.

ID: 1121803

They gave me some toys and candy.

ID: 1121805

More importantly they prepared a dessert.

ID: 1121806

Well… That was nice of them. But where is the hammock?

ID: 1121808

Beer! It helps… But… Hammock?

ID: 1121809

Heh, sort of like a luau.

ID: 1121810

Well it’s time to get down to business.

ID: 1121813

Not bad right?

ID: 1121816

But wait… There’s more.

ID: 1121818

Better be a hammock.

ID: 1121823

Good old “Sunny” Calgary.

ID: 1121826

But most importantly… My hammock!

ID: 1121827

Time to relax… Then to prepare for the job interview. >.>

ID: 1121831

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