The Psychology of Winning [Infographic]

How amazing it is to know more about your brain because the last years are a proof how much your brain can help in finding cure for Cancer, replicating good genes, seeding growth for your hair follicles and restructuring the reach of a novel, like how Elleanor Catton and David Foster Wallace did. The brain is what you need to live life with much appreciation, to enjoy more your food, to love more a carnival, to carouse with glee. You have so much in your brain than you are tempted to learn, and so there is a need to push. There’s too much distraction from Facebook and Twitter and Social Media and although these might be good ways to channel your insecurities to a public arena of vulgarity and bad etiquette, there’s so many other ways to get your brain functioning to its most optimal rate. Reading books by Edwidge Danticat, writing essays about ‘The Ambassadors’ first paragraph, learning to ski from Don Rickles, talking to Louis C.K. about yacht - all these are pleasures for your brain and a series of exercise to know the ins and outs of your brain functions. Knowing the routine of a brain work gets you to channel most of your creative energy to something else, such as creating the new iPhone that doesn’t get zero battery. This infographic is your guide to doing that, and is also a medical guide for people who want their brain working for their favor. This is the infographic to tell you which side of you makes more sense and what irrationality can do to your benefit. posted on

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