The Gay Marriage World Map [Infographic]

Some people can be very hard on other people. They can deny their brethrens rights, they cause them pain, they hurt them. It is a mystery how nations are formed from such kind of intolerance and hatred. How can you build a nation of goodness when hatred prevails? Gay marriage is easily a form of union of love, and when there is no love, there couldn’t be marriage. How can you deny marriage to people you are equal with? How can you deny happiness from people? What gives you right?

The Gay Marriage World Map [Infographic] / Via

There must be a form of social population-control reason for state attorney general attorneys to oppose gay marriage. There must be hatred. What it must not have, though, is kindness and more kindness and just plain old decency to accept that people have all the right to be happy, whatever the cost. This sounds coarse when it’s said like this, but from Walter White to Dexter, it’s easy to think that what everyone wants is satisfaction and happiness defined in extremely opposing terms.

This infographic tells you that the world needs your help and you should support countries that need your love and compassion most. Countries whose individuals tolerate discord must be changed. Countries are abstract ideas, but people aren’t. Help spread love. Help spread kindness to those who need you most, help the ones who aren’t nice to you. Help everyone. It boggles me why there’s this need to go so much as spending years debating on something as simple as gay marriage in Supreme Courts when the fact is simple: gay marriage is for everyone. Those who can’t support it just need to get it.

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