How to Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig [Infographic]

If you really think about it, all that you really need to get the greatest job in the world is to be the most decent person in the world. Be kind to everyone, be helpful to those who need your help in your internship, and be good to your work. Respect it.

How to Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig [Infographic] / Via

Even if you’re a staff at Conan and you’re doing props with a Judi Dench image and doing the silliest stuff online, you should be very respectful and totally away from being disingenuous.

Other than that, you should also consider improving your relationship skills with people. Try making it a point to say Hi to your workmates, and tell them how much fun you’re having buying your boss some coffee and doing write-ups that clearly are below your skill level. Just kidding. Anyway, you don’t want to be accused of being ungrateful and you don’t want to be disposed of by your team as being aloof. Although of course you end up being yourself in the end.

It should also be noted that you’re only in the internship because you like the job and you want to learn as much skills, expertise, and specialized knowledge as you can. Getting the right information is only possible if you ask the right questions, so don’t forget to always write down the most pertinent questions to your superior. That’s the key to getting the attention of your supervisors, and that’s one of the best ways you can get them to notice you all the time. Don’t fake this, though. Faking it and making it all seem that you’re only there for the free job promotion is automatically going to lead you to the most compromised position. That’s not what you want.

That said, read this infographic to know how to start this internship to actual work set-up.

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