A Geek’s Travel Bucket List [Infographic]

You should know that being a geek takes responsibility. You can’t just watch all the SNL episodes right there or criticize all the David Eggers’ books you can possibly do in one day or highlight all the grammar mistakes of The Wire or just basically do anything that Conan would do in his TV show. A geek is not just like that. A geek knows how to move, to be like a stud, and not feel like a left-out anti-social. Anti-social is fine, but the type that showcases unwelcoming thoughts for new ideas is not. So go excite yourself with the new things the world is churning out for your pleasure through the avenue of travel. Go explore the weeds in Weeds’ studios or travel to the location of Dr. Who or Start Trek. Go to the Jurassic Park setting or go break your neck while surfing the Google Fiber. All these are only possible if you move.

A Geek’s Travel Bucket List [Infographic] / Via cheapflights.ca

Your moving is a sign of life, the thirst for new water, the gravitation towards new seasons and moods and feeling. You only need to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to understand that the reconnection you can have with other people is the sole reason why you’re here, and especially being here as a geek. Be a geek for life for life. No, that’s not wrong syntax. Your geekiness of life means you’re more than just a matter of person thriving in competition at daylight in your room among forum members boasting of new arcane records of The Walkmen or the rarest Bisaya Short Films in the market. Your life is more than just playing scrabble for life. Your life is to travel, and here’s an infographic guide to just doing that right now.

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