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  • The Guinness Bug

    This unpleasant creature - called a Hop Bug (humanus lupalus) - has just been discovered, along with its brethren, amid the hop farms of Ireland, which means that Guinness may have to shift all production to Nigeria. If this crisis continues, the entire hop crop could be destroyed. If you’ve noticed that your Guinness is a little bit less creamy lately, you could be drinking bug stout. View Image ›

    Infectious 5 years ago 49 responses

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    Convict Forced to Tweet by Tech-Savvy Judge

    It’s finally happened, people. Twitter has hit the criminal justice system. A tech-savvy (and kind of sadistic) judge in Mississippi is making news for his unusual decision to force a paroled convict to tweet every ten minutes as a way of updating his parole officer of his whereabouts. It’s tough to know who’s being punished more - the convict or whoever’s following him. View Image ›

    Infectious 5 years ago 72 responses

  • Pirate Bay Solidarity

    The guys behind the Pirate Bay file-sharing website have just been given jailtime, but the Internet is rallying round in support! To take part in Pirate Bay Solidarity, follow these simple steps: 1.) Find an appropriate picture of yourself 2.) Use this handy transparency to PhotoShop an eyepatch onto your picture 3.) Upload the result below. 4.) Make the image your Facebook or Twitter avatar for the day. 5.) Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr! View Image ›

    Infectious 5 years ago 22 responses