16 Pretty Art-Inspired Cookies

They look almost too good to eat, except they’re delicious cookies so….

1. Artist’s palette cookies

Instructions and recipe here.

ID: 663136

2. Stained glass cookies

From Maggie Austin Cake.

ID: 663137

3. Cameo cookies

ID: 663138

4. Houndstooth cookies

ID: 663139

5. Monet-inspired shortbread cookies

Recipe and instructions here.

ID: 663140

6. Gold thread cookies

From SweetAmbs on Etsy.

ID: 663141

7. Medieval manuscript cookies


ID: 663149

8. Rothko cookies

Recipe and instructions here.

ID: 663144

9. Pantone cookies

Recipe and instructions here.

ID: 663145

10. Faberge egg cookies

ID: 663146

11. Van Gogh cookies

From Periwinkle Sweets.

ID: 663147

12. Medieval alphabet cookies


ID: 663150

13. Hand painted koi cookies

ID: 663158

14. Lewis Carroll book art cookies

From Dream A Lil’ Dream.

ID: 663159

15. Mona Lisa cookies

ID: 663160

16. Keith Haring cookies

From Flour Box Bakery.

ID: 663163

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