12 Reasons Fish Were The Best Pets

Your parents were allergic. You were born in the ’80s. Guess what: You had an aquarium!

1. Your dad’s allergic to dogs and your mom’s allergic to cats. Guess what kind of pet you had!

ID: 700699

2. But wait, aquariums were cool! You could get a whole bunch of fake plants for it.

ID: 700705

3. You probably had neon tetra fish…

ID: 700711

4. But the most badass were the angelfish.

ID: 700713

5. Their food looked like this.

ID: 700714

6. Everyone got one of these at the carnival.

ID: 700720

7. You wanted to get betta fish, but your brother wanted to get two and make them fight.

ID: 700721

8. Cleaning it took forever.

ID: 700723

9. If your family was REALLY cool, you had a saltwater aquarium.

ID: 700708

10. Your rich aunt and uncle probably had one of these.

ID: 700718

11. OK, maybe you were mad you’d never grow up with one of these guys:

ID: 700716

12. But you got to have one of THESE!!

ID: 700703

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