10 Wisconsin Problems You Can Only Have While Living In Wisconsin

10 unique problems encountered almost exclusively by Wisconsinites.

1. Cooler full of beer, with too many options.

It is hard making any decision when there are too many options. Then add alcohol. Trying to decide between your favorite Leinenkugels, New Glarus, Lakefront, or Miller product is almost too much to handle.

2. Grills full of too many meat options.

Wisconsinites love to grill out, but just like our beer coolers, we often end up with too many choices. How do you choose between brats, burgers, chicken, shrimp, steak, and more?

3. Trying to get to every festival.

Summers in Wisconsin are short and they go fast with everything going on. It goes faster when there is a different festival to attend every weekend. Whether it is Summerfest in Milwaukee, Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Taste of Madison, or something else, there are too many festivals going on to attend them all.

4. Deciding which friend’s cabin to go to for the weekend.

Almost every Wisconsinite knows someone with a cabin “Up North”, but there are only so many weekends free in the summer.

5. Illinois drivers.

Illinois drivers will fly up behind you going 90, only to ride your ass for several minutes, before passing you only going 2 mph over the speed limit. FIBs.

6. Packers games that don’t start at Noon.

We love our Green Bay Packers, but we want to watch them right away. Having to wait is hard.

7. Can’t even get tickets to Packer’s Family Night.

First off, it is a scrimmage, not even a game, and it is still hard to get these tickets. The starters hardly play, but the 70,000+ seats are still all full.

8. Football officials hate us.

First the “Fail Mary” and then this: End of the UW-ASU Game. WTF.

9. Harleys are everywhere.

Love em or hate em, Harley Motorcycles are everywhere. If it is a nice day outside, everyone is going for a ride.

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