35 Weird Architectural Mistakes

It’s just a little mistake, no one will notice it. Right?

1. Someone keeps putting doors high

4. Really high

10. Sometimes not just doors

11. This one can be actually useful

12. And this one a little tricky

13. This one doesn’t even exist

14. Just go through this door… wait

15. Don’t get me started on stairways

20. Electric staircase… ?

22. Watch out your head

23. Just go to the second floor… wait

24. Bathroom is upstairs, literally

28. This one can be useful too

30. I’ll just go outside

31. There is nothing wrong with this bathroom… wait

34. There wasn’t anyone supervising?

I see…

35. This one is actually really awesome

La piedra del Peñol, Antioquia (Colombia)

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