This Is What American Superheroes Would Look Like If They Were Indian

Many a moochh shall wilt in front of Indian Batman’s.

Raj Kamal, a 36-year-old Delhi-based art consultant, told BuzzFeed that he decided to add colours of India and attributes of people he knew to American superheroes.

The results turned out awesome.

ID: 3450749

2. Wolverine’s shoulder hair game is on point.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450367

3. Superman’s perfectly oiled fringe is bomb.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450371

4. Wonder Woman’s Mughal empress swagger is unstoppable.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450376

5. Sanskaari Brahmin Hulk is making headlines of a different sort.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3451643

6. Catwoman, however, is not being sanskaari at all.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450385

7. Spider-Man? More like Sardar-Man, AMIRITE?

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450400

8. Flash’s Gandhi cap specifies he is no ordinary man.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450410

9. Batman’s mooch is intimidating enough to shoo off bad guys.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450429

10. Robin ;) ;) ;)

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450469

11. Yoda could be in a Bollywood flick.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450485

12. And lastly, two bonus supervillains…

ID: 3450599

13. Darth Vader battles electricity load-shedding.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450363

14. The Joker asks the right kind of questions.

Raj Kamal
ID: 3450591

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