This Nepali Man Loves Everyone, Including Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee And Hitler

P.S. I love youuuuuuuu. ♪

1. Nepali singer, musician and lyricist Laxu Prakash Malla AKA Lovely (rightly nicknamed) found himself so full of love one day, he made a song letting it all out.

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2. Here are some of the people he loves. Please feel miserable since you are not on this list.

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3. Michael Jackson.

Aux TV/Imaan Sheikh / Via

But don’t we all?

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4. Bob Marley.

Sensiseeds / Via

Nearly cried.

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5. The Undertaker.


ID: 3467921

6. Oh, and Karl Marx and ‘Aybrum’ Lincoln.

Not random at all.

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7. Booroos Lee and Marco Polo also deserve his love.

Celebrity Measurement / Via

Not random at all.

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8. As do ‘Mauther Traisa’ and Nelson ‘Mandilla’.

afroscandic / Via
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9. And ‘Heetlaur’. You read right.

Telegraph / Via


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10. Watch the full song here, for the sake of love.

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