Watch This Heartwarming Video Of Indians And Pakistanis Wishing Each Other On Independence Day

Two countries with 7 decades years of rivalry and nothing in common… Except, you know, everything.

1. Indian comedy collective All India Bakchod collaborated with Khaula Jamil of Humans of Karachi and a crew in Pakistan, to make Indians and Pakistanis talk on the phone and wish one another for Independence Day.

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Pakistan’s Independence Day is on August 14th, India’s is on August 15th, and the video was filmed in the week leading up to both.

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2. To begin with, participants were asked to say the first thing that came to mind when they thought of their neighbouring country.

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3. And actually, for the most part, reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

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“We want to be the anti-Gadar,” All India Bakchod member and stand up comedian Rohan Joshi told BuzzFeed. “I hope people just get that while there’s always going to be a certain amount of rhetoric and bad blood, that’s just one side of the story – a very political side. There’s a whole bunch of people who just want to do their thing, and share pop culture references and world views… And want no part of the squabbling outside of armchair arguing.”

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4. Their point is made quickly and easily, as Indians and Pakistanis bond over shared interests.

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5. Some even open up and reveal deep, dark secrets.

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6. Of course, there’s one divisive issue the two countries have disagreed on for decades and always will.

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7. But they quickly, happily ceased to be strangers.

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8. And invited each other over like all good desi friends and neighbours do.

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9. Watch the powerful (and adorable) video in full here:

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10. More All India Bakchod brilliance here:

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Imaan Sheikh is a writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Dubai.
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