19 Possible Reasons (Other Than Her Period) That A Girl Is Not Fasting In Ramadan

Sometimes we just get sick or hungry. Leave the uterine autumn out of it.

Some girls skip fasts in Ramadan.

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This is us, before suhoor, between suhoor and maghrib, and after maghrib.

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And while sometimes the monthly monster can be the reason for it…

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We have news: It isn’t always the reason.

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It’s awkward for everyone involved when you always assume it’s Aunty Flo. Here are some reasons you should stop:

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1. Maybe the lass is going on a tiring road trip.

Travelling is hard without snacks. Also, there can only be one kind of ‘fast’ at a time.

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2. Or has a long, exhausting cross-continent flight.

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The luggage is too heavy and the timezones too confusing.

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3. She could be sick too.

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4. Maybe so sick, she barfed earlier that day.

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It’s not like she wanted it to happen, trust me.

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5. She forgot she’s fasting and accidentally ate lunch.

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And drank a variety of sodas…accidentally.

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6. Dismal self-restraint is also a common reason.

“Maybe if I beg God for forgiveness later…”

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7. She forgot to stuff her face at suhoor.

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Imagine fasting without suhoor… *shudders*

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8. She took a blood test.

Or donated blood, or got a flu shot. Whatever, we all know what religious scholars say about fasting and syringes.

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9. She got injured (not in the uterus).

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Even God gave us all the injury pass.

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10. Maybe she’s preggers.

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“The extra fries are for the baby.”

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11. Perhaps she has a dentist’s appointment.

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There is blood. Let’s focus on coming out of the clinic alive first.

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12. Or an illness that doesn’t allow her to fast.

Do your research before blaming it on Aunt Flo.

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13. And she’s on strict special medication.

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14. She has bouts of depression where only food can help.

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15. But she could just be overly attached to snacking.

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16. Or lazy. Definitely lazy.

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100% lazy.

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17. She lives in Scandinavia, where a fast lasts for 23 hours

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What we’re trying to say at this point is that the possible reasons are endless.

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18. She’s simply not religious.

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Believe it or not, some of us aren’t that into it.

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19. And lastly, maybe she just doesn’t feel like fasting.

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So stop blaming the uterine autumn right away.

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