9 Reasons George Harrison Was The Funniest Beatle

George Harrison had comic chops. Any person who mortgages his house to fund a Monty Python film must know something about comedy.

1. 1. He dressed like a pirate…and sang like one.

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2. 2. He could joke about his hair.

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3. 3. After being told Yoko Ono sat in that very chair:

ID: 1063979

4. 4. When asked how he met Eric Clapton.

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5. 5. He had a cameo in Life of Brian after putting $5 million into the Monty Python film because he wanted to see the movie.

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6. 6. He was also an artist.

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7. 7. He was friends with Kermit.

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8. 8. He played the straightlaced newsman in The Rutles.

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9. 9. He directed Homer to the brownies.

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10. John Lennon may be considered the witty Beatle.

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11. But George Harrison was quite funny too.

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