A Brief Analysis Of Billy Joel’s “Root Beer Rag” Performance

“Root Beer Rag” is one of the most fast paced songs Billy Joel has ever created. Let’s go through what makes this performance so great.

1. Here is the performance. Watch before reading. Please.

ID: 1039167

2. 0:12-Majestic fingers.

ID: 1039210

3. 0:38-Billy Joel has a good support system.

ID: 1039238

4. 1:07-More majesty and a brief octave change.

ID: 1039321

5. 1:20- Airdrums from support! Go support!

ID: 1039268

7. 1:47-Nevermind. Billy wins.

ID: 1039382

8. 2:10-In celebration of his victory, Billy will play the Cantina Song from Star Wars.

ID: 1039367

9. 2:19-Don’t battle Billy. Ever.

ID: 1039417

10. 2:33- One final sip.

ID: 1039430

11. 2:40- And Billy is out.

ID: 1039438

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