13 Things You Should Never Bet On A Coin Toss

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1. The name of your firstborn child.

Sorry, sweetie, it was a split between “Jennifer” and “Optimus Prime” and, well, it came up heads. Now let’s transform and roll out to get some ice cream.

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2. Where you should get married.

ID: 2136956

3. Where you should get your new tattoo.

“It came down to ‘a tattoo of a face on my butt’ or ‘a tattoo of a butt on my face,’ and I think I may have regrets.”

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4. Which wire to cut to disarm the bomb.

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5. What your college major should be.

It was a toss-up between “Neuroscience” and “Memes 101,” and let’s just say there’s going to be one less neuroscientist in the world.

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6. If you should quit your day job.

No Country For Old Men / Miramax Films / Via floatingsky.tumblr.com

To be fair, minimum wage is not worth life-or-death encounters with psychopaths and their bad haircuts.

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7. If you should “reply all” to that company-wide email.

ID: 2136975

8. If you should go to the emergency room.

Wait wait wait wait. So the bone’s supposed to be inside the skin?

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9. If you should call for backup.

We Were Soldiers / Paramount Pictures / Via movieeducation.tumblr.com
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10. If you should try to sneak into the penguin exhibit or the lion cage at the zoo.

To be fair, lions are dangerous, but penguins are jerks.

ID: 2136979

11. Which potential drowning victim to save.

ID: 2136976

12. Whether you should take your vacation in North or South Korea.

ID: 2136982

13. Whether you should fake your own death and assume a new identity.

It was either that or, you know, pay off your student loans. Simple choice.

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