7 Family Events You Wished You Were A Cosby For

We’ve all had those moments where we’re watching the Cosby’s and wished we were in on the fun!

1. Frugal Shopping

Gordon Gartrell x Denise Huxtable. Theo, you can still be mine, one sleeve or not!

ID: 3551662

2. Family Additions

Who doesn’t want to hang out with Cliff and the twins, wearing cool sweaters and plotting family sing alongs?

ID: 3551638

3. Family Sing Alongs

That time Rudy KILLED Ray Charles and we all learned the back up dancers’ coordination just in case they ever needed extras

ID: 3551647

4. Sleepovers

I’d give up all my ring pops to attend a Cosby sleepover with these crazy kids!

ID: 3551652

5. Music Class

Remember that time they just like…hung out with Stevie Wonder? NBD

ID: 3551667

6. Best Friend Quality Time

Bud always dropping knowledge on behalf of his mysterious (and probably lonely) older bro!

ID: 3551683

7. Crazy Kids

That 4 Year Old niece,nephew,cousin that feels they’ve seen it all in their 48 months of life!

ID: 3551695

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