10 People Whose Identity We Wish We Could Steal

Identity theft is a serious crime, but boy is it tempting when you see people living this kind of epic life. Find out what kind of trouble (and hilarity) identity theft could really get you into in Identity Thief, Now Playing.

1. This guy who gets to party with a chill bear whenever he wants to:

2. The person who got this insane pie cake for their birthday:

3. This lucky lady who got trapped under a pile of puppies:

4. This baby who is definitely set for life:

5. The people who have this badass broad as a grandma:

6. This guy who total saved the day and looked good doing it:

7. This young woman who is about to have the meal of a lifetime:

8. This hockey fan that didn’t let the cold weather get him down:

9. This guy who’s obviously doing it right:

10. This man and woman who have it all:

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