24 Struggles Only A Comic Geek Will Understand

It’s hard out there for a geek.

1. Having the age old argument of which superhero would win in a fight and knowing that you’re right and everyone else is wrong.

2. Having other geeks feel the need to tell you that your unpopular favorite character is lame.

3. Having other geeks feel the need to tell you that your popular favorite character is lame.

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4. Having to deal with sexism in comic books.

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5. Speaking of sexism: costumes like this.

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6. The years you have to wait to see your favorite character make it to the big screen.

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7. The excruciating disappointment of seeing your favorite character in a terrible big screen adaptation.

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8. “You like comics? Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?”

9. When your favorite character gets a less-than favorable makeover.

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10. When your favorite character can’t interact with his teammates in any movies because they’re all owned by different companies.

11. Having to wait MONTHS for a new issue because your books are between arcs.

It's been so long since I read a new issue of Hawkeye that two major world powers went to war.

— Spooptika (@andnowtothemoon)

12. Dealing with words that aren’t words.

13. Having a nerd-gasm over moments like this in a theater full of non-super soldiers:

14. Not being able to cosplay as your favorite character without ::cue eyeroll::: COMMENTARY.

15. When your comic book shop messes up your pull-list…

16. …and they’re soldout of the issue you wanted.

17. When your favorite character is denied a happy ending.

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18. Waiting hours in line to do ANYTHING at Comic Con.

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19. When other nerds become racist about about a non-white person being cast as one of their favorite characters.

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20. When your favorite character has died and come back more times than you can count.

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21. When an action figure of your favorite character comes out but you can’t find it anywhere.

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22. Resisting the urge to buy 6878 copies of the same issue because of all the stellar variant covers.





23. When a fellow nerd tries to tell you that you’re not a “real nerd.”

24. THIS:

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