Woman Wearing Fake Pregnant Stomach Tries To Smuggle Cocaine Baby

A 4-pound cocaine baby, to be precise.

1. A Canadian woman was arrested in Colombia Wednesday for smuggling drugs in a fake pregnant belly.

ID: 1626379

2. Tabitha Leah Ritchie, 28, of Toronto, was boarding an Air Canada flight at the Bogota airport when security noticed her stomach felt unusually cold and hard.

ID: 1626423

3. That’s because she was carrying four pounds of cocaine.

ID: 1626467

4. Authorities told the Associated Press Ritchie arrived in the country August 6 and identified herself as a social worker.

ID: 1626422

5. The Canadian Embassy did not respond to requests for details. Officials told the Associated Press 874 foreigners are held in Colombian lockups, most on drug charges.

ID: 1626531

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