Why We Shouldn’t Let Gay People Play Basketball

It’s a slippery slope, guys.

1. NBA veteran Jason Collins told Sports Illustrated he was gay in article published Monday. This is very dangerous.

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2. Letting gay people play basketball goes against 122 years of basketball tradition.

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3. Basketball has always been defined as five straight men trying to shoot a ball through a hoop to score points against five other straight men.

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4. This is how it’s worked for literally decades.

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5. It’s important to defend basketball from being redefined.

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6. Because letting gay people play basketball is nothing less than an attack on traditional basketball.

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7. Our children deserve to be raised in a world where they aren’t taught gay basketball in schools.

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8. And think about it, if we let gay people play basketball, what’s to stop dogs from playing basketball?

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9. So please support traditional basketball. Thank you.

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