Why We Shouldn’t Let Gay People Play Basketball

It’s a slippery slope, guys.

1. NBA veteran Jason Collins told Sports Illustrated he was gay in article published Monday. This is very dangerous.

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

2. Letting gay people play basketball goes against 122 years of basketball tradition.

3. Basketball has always been defined as five straight men trying to shoot a ball through a hoop to score points against five other straight men.

4. This is how it’s worked for literally decades.

Orlando / Hulton Archive

5. It’s important to defend basketball from being redefined.

Orlando / Hulton Archive

6. Because letting gay people play basketball is nothing less than an attack on traditional basketball.

Al Barry / Hulton Archive

7. Our children deserve to be raised in a world where they aren’t taught gay basketball in schools.

Hulton Archive

8. And think about it, if we let gay people play basketball, what’s to stop dogs from playing basketball?

9. So please support traditional basketball. Thank you.

Orlando / Hulton Archive

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