What News Anchors Really Do During Commercials

Might as well have fun during those three minutes.

1. “…we’ll be right back after this commercial break.”

ID: 619853

2. Commercial break

ID: 619866

3. Make sure your notes are in order

ID: 619858

4. Now do synchronized paper tapping.

ID: 619885

5. And cheer!

ID: 619888

6. Point to yourself as the voice over says your name.

ID: 619891

7. Do a secret handshake.

ID: 619897

8. Do a funny dance.

ID: 619901

9. Still have two minutes left of commercials.

ID: 619936

10. That’s enough time for patty cake!

ID: 619928

11. Mime a little bit.

ID: 619938

12. Say a little prayer.

ID: 619939

13. Double check. Do you still look good for the camera?

ID: 619943

14. Of course.

ID: 619944

15. Now get that dirt off your shoulder, because heaven knows those clowns over at the other station aren’t having this much fun.

ID: 619981

16. Kisses for the camera.

ID: 619994

17. Thirty more seconds of commercials!

ID: 620018

18. But wait, who’s going to introduce the next segment?

ID: 620040

19. K, whatever, you can do it.

ID: 620047

20. WTF are you guys doing? You’re live in ten!

ID: 620055

21. Oh, you’re ready.

ID: 620052

22. “And we’re back!”

ID: 620057

23. (Good thing no one at home saw any of this.)

ID: 620050

24. The full video:

ID: 620073

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