What Christina Aguilera Taught Us About Haters In 2012

She’s still a fighter all these years later.

1. Anyone who thinks Christina Aguilera had a flop of a year is obviously a h8r and not a true lover of music.

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2. Because Xtina is a legend.

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3. It’s even rumored her album “Lotus” stands for “Legend of the United States.”

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4. Sure, her music this year never really caught on…

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5. (Even though her video had tons of writhing…

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6. …and hair flipping.)

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7. But, let’s remember, Xtina was on “The Voice.”

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8. Not only was she on “The Voice,” she was the main reason anyone watched “The Voice.”

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9. She blessed the show with her presence, insight, and wisdom all year long.

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10. And she wore some neat hats.

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11. And fanned herself with some wonderful fans.

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14. She also brought out her boobs.

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15. Xtina’s boobs simply took over the world this year.

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16. Even the secretary of state noticed.

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17. And everyone noticed dat ass.

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18. But that’s not what’s important. It’s all about the music.

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19. Xtina had a lot of performances this year. Like when she wore this ridiculous outfit on “The Voice.”

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20. And when she sang at a Hurricane Sandy benefit.

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21. And when she sang at Etta James’ funeral.

Toby Canham / Getty Images

Who cares what’s dripping down her leg.

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22. And she also sang at the American Music Awards.

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23. It was an inspirational performance.

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24. That reminded us to love all.

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25. And not listen to the h8rs.

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26. Because, you know, not everyone is going to like you…

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
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27. But who cares. You do you.

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28. That’s what Xtina taught us this year.

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29. Thanks, Xtina!

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