What Boston Was Like After The Marathon Bombing Suspect Was Captured

Crowds gathered at Boston Common and Boylston Street.

After the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured, many in Boston celebrated.

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A large group went to Boston Common.

There was a moment of silence.

And everyone sang the National Anthem.

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And “Sweet Caroline.”

Boston is celebrating the capture of Suspect 2, singing "Sweet Caroline" in the Boston Common #fox25 #bostonstrong http://t.co/Rta36ceFKx

— fox25news (@FOX 25 News Boston)

People cheered.

BOSTON CELEBRATES #bostonstrong #bostoncommon http://t.co/CGu3k3xygm

— thejoshwarner (@Josh Warner)

Live from #bostoncommon #weareboston http://t.co/DBhdC2wUqq

— jrmd (@jus†in)

Boston Common is flooded... http://t.co/7LE781CGoa

— tylercstone (@Tyler Stone)

In contrast, this was the scene hours earlier:

A pretty empty Boston Common. http://t.co/OInE8Xk0lW

— katiebakes (@katiebakes)

Things were more quiet on Boylston Street Friday night.

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A group of people gathered around a makeshift memorial on the street.

Crowd gathered at Boylston Street Memorial and bells from Arlington Church ringing. So moving. http://t.co/06pf5hL31G

— Shyana212 (@Shyana212)

A crowd gathers around a makeshift memorial on Boylston St. http://t.co/n89TrRfkHl

— dailyfreepress (@The Daily Free Press)

Crowds gather at Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street to honor victims of the bombings, via @bloombergtv http://t.co/znXafwXtKZ

— KatyFinneran (@Katy Finneran)

But no matter where they were, people thanked Boston police officers.

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People lining up to shake the hands of @Boston_Police officers. Some real firm handshakes. #boston #bostoncommon http://t.co/LWpsv9GXqi

— alicekdonovan (@alice donovan)

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