15 TV News Reporters Who Deserve A Hug

The only thing worse than having a bad day is having a bad day while you’re live on TV.

1. This reporter who didn’t see where he was going.

ID: 891467

2. This reporter who wasn’t ready to be on camera yet.

ID: 891922

3. This reporter who accidentally put the pedal to the wrong metal.

ID: 891480

4. This reporter who forgot that wearing a green dress in front of a green screen is a bad idea.

ID: 891898

5. This reporter who was just trying to be funny.

ID: 893352

6. This reporter who had to go buy flowers for his wife right after work.

ID: 893506

7. This reporter who didn’t realize what he was doing until it was too late.

ID: 893392

8. This reporter who stood in exactly the wrong place.

ID: 893368

9. This reporter who couldn’t hear a thing and was really confused.

ID: 891627

10. This reporter who couldn’t get any respect.

ID: 892012

11. Same with this one.

ID: 893694

12. This reporter who just wanted to ask a few questions, geez.

ID: 893357

13. This reporter who lost control of everything she was trying to do.

ID: 891942

14. This reporter who shouldn’t try skateboarding ever again.

ID: 893679

15. And this reporter who couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to him because the cutest puppy in the world stole the show.

ID: 891936

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