12 Times Websites Wouldn’t Tell You Kim Kardashian Is Having A Girl Unless You Clicked Their Damn Link

You don’t need to click any of those links. It’s a girl.

1. It’s a girl.

2. It’s a girl.

3. Little princess.

4. It’s a girl.

5. It’s a girl.

6. It’s a girl.

Video: @KimKardashian Reveals Sex Of Her And @KanyeWest's Baby http://t.co/uJldNWVOvv

— TheSource (@The Source Magazine)

7. It’s a girl.

Is it a boy or girl? The gender of baby KimYe is finally revealed!... http://t.co/oTgExepnUz

— TheWordEyeHeard (@TheWordEyeHeard.com)

8. It’s a girl.

WATCH: Clip from the season premiere of “Keeping Up w/ the Kardashians” where Kim reveals the sex of #babykimye! http://t.co/QN3jzzOToZ

— Hits961 (@Hits 96.1)

9. It’s a girl.

10. It’s a girl.

Kim & Kanye reveal the sex of their baby http://t.co/EM4B1ivKub

— HuffingtonPost (@Huffington Post)

11. It’s a girl.

Kim & Kanye reveal the sex of their baby! http://t.co/EM4B1ivKub

— HuffingtonPost (@Huffington Post)

12. Girl.

Kim and Kanye are having a ... http://t.co/EM4B1ivKub

— HuffingtonPost (@Huffington Post)

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