The Ultimate Guide To Pop Star Dolls

27 photos of pop star dolls, and we’re not talking about Barbies with hand-made outfits sold on the Internet. These are the real deal.

Elvis Presley has been made into a number of different dolls, including sets by Mattel in 1998 and 2009.

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The Beatles had some bobbleheads made in their likeness.

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Before Marie Osmond sold dolls on QVC, Mattel made a doll of her in 1976.

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Donny Osmond looks really good in pink and purple.

ID: 504806

A Dolly Parton doll was made by Mego in the ’70s.

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Mego produced Sonny and Cher dolls in 1976.

ID: 505312

Cher even got her own.

ID: 505316

Michael Jackson’s doll came with a glittering “magic” glove!

ID: 504808

The MC Hammer doll made by Matel in 1990 came with a real cassette!

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The Vanilla Ice doll made by THQ in 1991 only came with a postcard.

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The Hasbro New Kids on the Block dolls in 1990 came with real cassettes, and a stage that was sold separately.

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Galoob Toys released eleven different sets of Spice Girls dolls from 1997 to 1998, including “Girl Power,” “On Tour” and “Spice It Up!” They sold over 11 million dolls, making them the best-selling celebrity dolls in history.

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Play Along Toys created Britney Spears dolls in 1999 with an assortment of outfits from her music videos and concerts.

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Yaboom’s Christina Aguilera dolls in 1999 could sing and came with an extra pair of shoes.

ID: 505328

Play Along Toys made sure you didn’t mix up your blonde teen pop stars when they made a Mandy Moore doll with her name on the shirt in 2000. It also comes with cool body art!

ID: 505443

Hasbro’s S Club 7 dolls in 2000 encouraged consumers to “Get with the ‘S’!”

ID: 504829

As we go on, we remember this Vitamin C doll Mattel made in 2000.

ID: 505438

Long before he was Snoop Lion, he was Snoop Dogg, and he got his own limited run of dolls made by Vital Toys in 2002.

ID: 505439

Mattel made a Shakira doll in 2002.

ID: 505450

By the time Mattel created Destiny’s Child dolls in 2005, the group had announced they would split.

ID: 504819

Jakks Pacific created two Kylie Minogue dolls in 2004 that were only sold in Europe.

ID: 504821

The great thing about the Hannah Montana dolls made by Mattel in 2008 and 2009 was they were two-for-one. All you had to do was take off the wig and she became Miley Cyrus.

ID: 504824

Hasbro created Girls Aloud dolls in 2005.

ID: 505318

The Taylor Swift doll Jakks Pacific released in 2008 is performance ready.

ID: 505444

The Justin Bieber dolls made by The Bridge in 2010 could sing and came with lots of swaggy swag.

ID: 504826

Mattel created Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dolls in 2011.

ID: 505321

One Direction got their own Hasbro dolls in 2012.

ID: 505319

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