The Sheriff Of Nottingham Is A Real Thing And It’s A Woman From Jamaica

Her name is Merlita and she’s really good at her job.

1. There is an actual Sheriff of Nottingham in Nottingham, England, and it’s this woman named Merlita Bryan.

2. Merlita was born in Jamaica and moved to England when she was 11. In 2007, she became a member of the city council, and in 2011 she became sheriff.

3. The Sheriff of Nottingham used to be an actual law enforcement position like in Robin Hood, but today it’s a ceremonial role.

4. Merlita’s job is to promote tourism and business in Nottingham.

5. And she spends a lot of time going to meetings and ceremonies and events.

6. She also has normal clothes she wears.

7. And also amazing hats too.

8. She says she grew up “never imagining that one day she would become the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

9. Because, honestly, who does?

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