This Guy Dancing In A Parking Lot Has Sparked A New Dance Craze For Some Reason

It’s called the Maraschino Step, and it only takes six seconds.

Sione Maraschino, a Vine user from Orlando, uploaded a Vine dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s “M.A.A.D. City” (Eprom Remix) in a Publix parking lot. It was a really great Vine.

ID: 1584100

Then he had Momma Maraschino do it.

ID: 1592839

And it has inspired others.

ID: 1592846

They call it the Maraschino Step, after its inventor.

ID: 1592851

ID: 1592854

ID: 1592864

The thing about the Maraschino Step is you can’t do it alone.

ID: 1592858

This isn’t like the selfie of Vine dancing.

ID: 1592859

Because you need a friend to record it walk around you.

ID: 1592861

ID: 1592865

ID: 1592866

ID: 1592870

ID: 1592872

ID: 1592876

This is the song they use.

ID: 1592985

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