The 17 Greatest Easter Hats In All The Land

Easter is a time when Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when people wear fantastic hats to church. These are some of the best from Easter 2013

17. This wonderful tall hat

16. This fancy hate with a bow

15. This gorgeous peach feathery hat

14. This glorious pink hat that you would have to be careful walking in if you were wearing heels

13. Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s peacock hat

Paul Hackett / Reuters

12. This hat that simply cannot be tamed

11. This wonderful hat worn by a woman desperately trying not to duck face

Easter hat.

— AnatLeon (@AnatLeon)

10. Literally every single one of these hats

I think your Easter hat must have a certain diameter to sit up front. :) #stlouiscathedral #neworleans

— chadpittman (@Chad Pittman)

8. This big beautiful flowery hat

7. This bigger more beautiful more flowery hat

6. This inspirational hat covered in birds

@a_LOCHnesmonsta a little inspiration, this is my easter hat

— dntdreamitbit (@Forrest Sprouse)

5. This hat you probably wouldn’t wear to church but its heart is in the right place anyways

4. The Queen’s Easter hat

Paul Hackett - WPA Pool / Getty Images

3. The Pope’s Easter hat

Franco Origlia / Getty Images

2. This hat that is so glorious that anyone wanting to pay attention in church better not sit behind it

i cnt see the easter program behind this lady's hat doe

— Lil_cOOKi3 (@WHO?)

1. But most of all, this festive hat/hairdo/Easter basket. You cannot beat this. Don’t even try.

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