The 17 Greatest Easter Hats In All The Land

Easter is a time when Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when people wear fantastic hats to church. These are some of the best from Easter 2013 posted on

17. This wonderful tall hat

16. This fancy hate with a bow

Fancy hat on Easter" target="_blank">">

15. This gorgeous peach feathery hat

14. This glorious pink hat that you would have to be careful walking in if you were wearing heels

Werque RT @__Hussy:" target="_blank">">@__Hussy: Slayed RT @ImaCum_N_UrFace:" target="_blank">">@ImaCum_N_UrFace: Thats cute RT @_Declare:" target="_blank">">@_Declare: do i look cute in my Easter hat?" target="_blank">">

13. Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s peacock hat

Paul Hackett / Reuters

12. This hat that simply cannot be tamed

11. This wonderful hat worn by a woman desperately trying not to duck face

Easter hat." target="_blank">">

10. Literally every single one of these hats

I think your Easter hat must have a certain diameter to sit up front. :) #stlouiscathedral" target="_blank">">#stlouiscathedral #neworleans" target="_blank">">#neworleans" target="_blank">">

8. This big beautiful flowery hat

7. This bigger more beautiful more flowery hat

6. This inspirational hat covered in birds

@a_LOCHnesmonsta" target="_blank">">@a_LOCHnesmonsta a little inspiration, this is my easter hat" target="_blank">">

5. This hat you probably wouldn’t wear to church but its heart is in the right place anyways

4. The Queen’s Easter hat

Paul Hackett - WPA Pool / Getty Images

3. The Pope’s Easter hat

Franco Origlia / Getty Images

2. This hat that is so glorious that anyone wanting to pay attention in church better not sit behind it

i cnt see the easter program behind this lady's hat doe" target="_blank">">

1. But most of all, this festive hat/hairdo/Easter basket. You cannot beat this. Don’t even try.

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