Founder Of Digg Caught On Video Flinging Raccoon Down Flight Of Stairs

It was attacking his dog and he sprung into action. He says his dog is OK, but has some claw and bite marks.

1. Digg founder Kevin Rose was awoken by his dog yelping at 1 a.m. this weekend. He went out and discovered his dog was being attacked by a raccoon.

2. So he ran down to save his dog.

3. And flung the raccoon down some stairs.

4. He said he doesn’t encourage violence against animals, but he wanted to get the raccoon “as far away from us as possible.”

5. Update: PETA responded to the incident saying “you can’t fault a man for reacting to save his dog,” but also wishing the raccoon well:

It was a crazy move that could have gone very wrong for man, dog, and raccoon, but you can’t fault a man for reacting to save his dog. The raccoon and the dog were probably panicking, too. The raccoon took a hard hit, and so we are rooting for him as well.

6. Here’s the video.

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