The Empire State Building Was Lit Up Rainbow Colors

The Supreme Court ruled on Prop 8 and DOMA earlier this week, and now it’s Pride weekend in New York City.

Saara Dutton


The Empire State Building is showing some pride tonight!

ID: 1319700



The Empire State Building, the Cond�e9 Nast Building and the Bloomberg Tower are all rainbowed tonight. (via @SFNick)

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Kyle Merber


Is the Empire State Building lit up like a rainbow? Yes, yes it is! #freedom

ID: 1319701



@MatthewCollin91 NYC Empire State Building for #pride thought of you and @RussMarine2014 #proud to be an #allie

ID: 1319702

Jessica Colfer


the empire state building sporting the rainbow in honor of pride week

ID: 1319703

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