The Cast Of "The Office" Had A Goodbye Party In Scranton

Goodbye, “The Office.” We’ll miss you.

1. The cast of “The Office” had a massive farewell party in downtown Scranton, Penn.

Butch Comegys / AP

2. They had it in Scranton because that’s where the show was set, duh.

Butch Comegys / AP

3. And also because Scranton loves “The Office.”

Butch Comegys / AP

4. And the cast of “The Office” loves Scranton.

Butch Comegys / AP

5. There was a huge parade.

Butch Comegys / AP

6. That literally shut the place down.

Butch Comegys / AP

7. And people went nuts.

Butch Comegys / AP

8. There was a couple that just got married and they took their pictures with Kevin.

Butch Comegys / AP

9. This guy came all the way from Dayton, Ohio and made a huge papier-mache head of Dwight.

Butch Comegys / AP

10. And everyone got autographs and pictures.

Butch Comegys / AP
Butch Comegys / AP

David Wallace is on the Commons! #theofficewrapparty #theoffice

— univofscranton (@Univ of Scranton)

@SteveCarell made an appearance at #PNCField for The Office's Wrap Party! #AllAboard #SWBRailRiders

— swbrailriders (@SWB RailRiders)

The Office's @johnkrasinski and @_jennafisher greet fans in downtown Scranton #theofficewrapparty

— ScrantonAquinas (@UofS Aquinas)

I <3 Scranton

— rainnwilson (@RainnWilson)

Thank You Scranton.

— SteveCarell (@Steve Carell)

17. No, thank you, “The Office.”

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