Texas Woman Dies, Gives Birth And Then Comes Back To Life

The delivery was technically considered a post-mortem delivery because the mother’s heart was not beating at the time.

1. A high school English teacher in Texas died, gave birth, and came back to life — and today, both mom and baby are in good shape.

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2. Erica Nigrelli was 36 weeks’ pregnant when she passed out in a co-worker’s classroom, she told Houston’s KPRC 2.

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3. Her heart had stopped. Co-workers administered CPR and used a defibrillator to get it working again until paramedics arrived.

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4. Nigrelli was hospitalized and her child was delivered by C-section. It was technically a post-mortem delivery because Nigrelli’s heart was not beating at the time.

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5. Both Erica and her daughter, Elayna, lived through the procedures. Doctors discovered Erica had an undetected heart defect that caused the incident. She now has a pacemaker.

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6. At present, Elayna is 3 months old, 9 pounds, and could be off oxygen as soon as this week.

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Watch the video at KPRC 2.

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