Stunning, Heartbreaking Photos Of The Devastating Earthquake In China

An earthquake in China Saturday has killed at least 186 and injured thousands more.

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Sichuan province of China Saturday at about 8 a.m. local time. It killed at least 186 people and injured more than 11,000, according to state media.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A mother carrying her sleeping daughter walks past debris in a mountainside village.

Aly Song / Reuters

Yang Huan cries while waiting for workers to clear a landslide, in which she believes her husband is buried.

Rooney Chen / Reuters

A man recovers his wedding photo from the wreckage of his house.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A boy holds his mother’s leg as he cries in front of their damaged house.

China Daily / Reuters

Excavators clear a road blocked by a landslide. Blocked roads made it difficult for rescuers to reach remote, rural regions of Sichuan.

Aly Song / Reuters

People wearing face masks walk past a damaged building.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A damaged car lies on the side of the road after a landslide.

Aly Song / Reuters

Children on the roadside hold a sign that reads “no food, no tent.”

Jason Lee / Reuters

A woman holding a sign reading “Serious disaster need help” as she and other villagers protest against what they said was a lack of rescue operations at Chaoyang village.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A man confronts a police officer, who was trying to control a protest.

Jason Lee / Reuters

Survivor Chen Zhirong comforts her 18-month-old son next to debris at a village on Sunday.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldier carries a 60-year-old survivor down a stretch of the road which was recently cleared of debris from landslides.

China / Reuters

A crying elderly woman sits on a sofa in front of damaged houses.

Aly Song / Reuters

Wang Zhenjun, 62, gestures as he speaks to journalists in front of his damaged house.

China / Reuters

A girl looks out from a makeshift tent during rainy weather as she sleeps with her family.

China / Reuters

Rescuers nap during a break.

Feng Li / Getty Images

People line up for free food on Monday.

Jason Lee / Reuters

Song Zhengqiong, a survivor, cries in front of her damaged house.

Aly Song / Reuters

A rescue worker stands beside a truck crushed by a landslide.

China Daily / Reuters

People walk next to a crack on the road after the earthquake.

Aly Song / Reuters

A woman pushes her bicycle past debris.

Aly Song / Reuters

A rescuer walks in front of a damaged building.

China / Reuters

A man cries as he burns offering in front of the body of his relative.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A pig in a damaged pigsty in a village Sunday.

China / Reuters

Rescuers running down a cleared road.

Jason Lee / Reuters

Survivors sit in front of their damaged houses.

ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

Injured and displaced people rest at a shelter Sunday as doctors work.

Xinhua, Fei Maohua / AP

People carrying their belongings walk in quake-damaged Gucheng Village.

ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

Rubble from a collapsed building blocks a pavement as people and cars make their way along a street.

Handout / Reuters

Journalist Chen Ying was having make-up applied before her wedding ceremony when the earthquake struck, and she carried on with the ceremony after a quick report on the street, local media reported.

Handout / Reuters

Ying interviewing a woman.

Jason Lee / Reuters

Rescuer carries an injured survivor into a car.

Jason Lee / Reuters

A survivor smokes near a damaged Buddha statue two days after the earthquake.

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