11 Problems People Had In The ’00s

It’s crazy that people actually lived like this.

1. They had monthly texting limits.

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2. They had to look up directions on their computer and print them out.

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3. They had to watch television live and couldn’t skip commercials.

Tim Boyle
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4. They had cameras on their phones but they couldn’t send picture texts.

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5. They had to think of creative AIM away messages.

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6. They had to decide which of their friends would be in their “top eight” on MySpace.

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7. They had to find a song that perfectly captured their feelings so it could autoplay when people went to their profile.

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8. They had to worry about the RIAA suing them every time they downloaded a song on LimeWire.

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9. They had to burn their music onto a disc if they wanted to listen to it in their car.

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10. They had to drive to a store if they wanted to watch a video and then go back to return it when they were finished.

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11. But the worst thing was they didn’t have any filters for their photos.

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So all their pictures looked like this :(

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