Pokémon Is Based On The Real World

Pokémon Black and White was inspired by New York City.

1. The latest Pokémon game is set in a place called Unova.

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2. It’s based on New York City.

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3. Unova comes from the Latin unum (one) and nova (new) and was meant to express diversity and unity, according to game director Masuda.

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4. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world.

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5. There’s a bridge called the Skyarrow Bridge.

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6. Totally the Brooklyn Bridge.

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7. There’s a large metropolitan area called Castelia City.

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8. Lower Manhattan, duh.

Castelia City
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9. There’s a city with hipsters and artists called Nacrene City.

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10. Sounds like Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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11. There’s a forest in the middle.

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12. Just like Central Park is in the middle of New York.

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13. An area filled with rubble, construction workers and archeologists has led some to wonder if it’s based on Ground Zero. The game says the destruction was caused by a meteor.

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14. Previous Pokémon games were based on regions of Japan.

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15. In conclusion, the new Pokémon game is totally based on New York City.

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