Two Killed In Plane Crash At Ohio Air Show

Authorities have confirmed two fatalities.

1. A plane crashed at the Dayton Air Show Saturday resulting in two fatalities.



#BREAKING: A plane with wing walker Jane Wicker sitting on top of it has just crashed at the #DaytonAirshow

ID: 1296282

2. The pilot of the plane and a wing walker were killed.



Witnesses heard screaming and saw a “fire ball” as plane crashed at #DaytonAirShow

ID: 1296283



2 fatalities confirmed in #DaytonAirShow crash

ID: 1296284

Jessica Heffner


More emergency crews on scene of crash at #DaytonAirShow. Stunt woman Jane Wicker and her pilot have died.

ID: 1296339

5. Graphic video from the incident:

ID: 1296280

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