Photos From The First Day Of Marriage Equality In Utah

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1. A federal judge ruled Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional Friday, and Salt Lake County began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Couples have flooded the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office. Here's a couple with marriage license in hand. #Utah

2. According to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office, a record 115 to 120 marriage licenses were issued Friday.

Congrats to my sister, their two children and "new" sister in law on their marriage today! #utpol

3. Do you realize how much Utah loves marriage? They love it so much. And the gays broke the record.

The clerks office closed at 5, but people still arriving for marriage licenses. Lot of hugs and happy tears.

4. Because they love marriage just as much as the rest of the state.

This man rushed here as fast as he could to sign a marriage license with his partner.

5. There were even more people in line who wanted to get married, but they couldn’t because the county building closed.

The emotion being displayed inside the SL CountyClerks office right now is amazing. Historic day. @KSL5TV

7. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker was there performing marriages.

8. And he wore a fantastic red vest.

This couple just announced "20 years!" After SLC Mayor Ralph Becker pronounced them married #utpol #lgbt

10. State Sen. Jim Dabakis and his longtime partner Stephen Justesen were married.

12. Utah. This is the place.

Hugs, tears at the SL County Bldg as gay couples arrive to get married. Seth & Michael were two of the first #utpol

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