15 People Who Got Way Too Close To Their Birthday Candles

This girl is on fire.

1. Birthday cakes are fun, but they can be dangerous.

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2. Because hair is flammable and birthday candles have fire on them.

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3. In the heat of the moment, when you’re making your birthday wish, it’s easy to forget this.

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4. But you can’t forget!

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5. Because if you do, it will literally ruin your birthday.

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6. Even if you only set your hair on fire a little bit, it will suck.

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7. Because burnt hair is the worst smell.

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8. And it’s not just girls who have to worry about setting their hair on fire.

ID: 778289

9. Anyone with hair who puts their head in too close is at risk.

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10. Trick candles are particularly deadly because you think you’re safe and put your guard down.

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11. Silly string is also deadly. Your hair could be a safe distance from the flame, but some punk trying to surprise you could ruin everything.

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12. Even if you try to protect your hair, a strand or two might fall into the flames. You must be ever vigilant.

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14. But, if it does happen to you, however, it’s going to be OK.

ID: 778033

Just pat the fire out…

ID: 778037

…cautiously finish blowing out your candles…

ID: 778038

…remind yourself it’s your birthday and you’re fabulous…

ID: 778039

…and enjoy your cake.

ID: 778113

15. Happy birthday!

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