15 People Who Got Way Too Close To Their Birthday Candles

This girl is on fire.

1. Birthday cakes are fun, but they can be dangerous.

2. Because hair is flammable and birthday candles have fire on them.

3. In the heat of the moment, when you’re making your birthday wish, it’s easy to forget this.

4. But you can’t forget!

5. Because if you do, it will literally ruin your birthday.

6. Even if you only set your hair on fire a little bit, it will suck.

7. Because burnt hair is the worst smell.

8. And it’s not just girls who have to worry about setting their hair on fire.

9. Anyone with hair who puts their head in too close is at risk.

10. Trick candles are particularly deadly because you think you’re safe and put your guard down.

11. Silly string is also deadly. Your hair could be a safe distance from the flame, but some punk trying to surprise you could ruin everything.

12. Even if you try to protect your hair, a strand or two might fall into the flames. You must be ever vigilant.

14. But, if it does happen to you, however, it’s going to be OK.

Just pat the fire out…

…cautiously finish blowing out your candles…

…remind yourself it’s your birthday and you’re fabulous…

…and enjoy your cake.

15. Happy birthday!

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