Missing Man Found After Walking Up To Reporter Reporting On How He Was Missing

After missing for 14 hours, a reporter and camera crew found the man they were reporting on.

1. WMTW reporter Norm Karkos was in Limington, Maine, Tuesday morning reporting on 73-year-old Robert McDonough who had been missing for 14 hours.

ID: 1219858

2. Following Karkos’ live shot, a man walked up the street behind him.

ID: 1219791

3. He thought the man was McDonough, and so he asked, and sure enough, it was.

ID: 1219814

4. The news crew immediately called authorities, and McDonough, who suffers from dementia, was reunited with his family.

ID: 1219796

5. Karkos said McDonough appeared to be safe and alert and called it “a great ending to this story.”

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See more at WMTW.

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