Meet The Twerking Girl Who Literally And Figuratively Caught On Fire For Jimmy Kimmel

Daphne Avalon is the girl who cried twerk.

1. Jimmy Kimmel revealed Monday evening that “The Most Epic Twerk Fail Of All Time,” a viral video of a woman who catches on fire while twerking, was staged for his show.

3. The woman who caught on fire is Daphne Avalon.

4. She’s a professional stunt double.

5. This is her resume posted to

6. According to her résumé, she’s worked as a stunt double on Glee, Whipped, Welcome to the Family, and a Call of Duty commercial.

7. Her name is spelled D-A-P-H-N-E, but the people at Starbucks never get it right, and she frequently uploads photos of their attempts to spell her name.


8. Last week she posted a photo she said was from her first time as a stunt double.

9. And also, she likes horses.

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