Massive Demonstrations Held Following The Woolwich Attack

The English Defense League protested the “Islamification” of London while Newcastle Unites protested the English Defense League.

1. An organization called the English Defense League, or EDL, organized demonstrations in Newcastle, England, following the murder of soldier Wednesday.

2. It was estimated there were about 1,000 EDL demonstrators.

3. A spokesman for the EDL said the demonstrations were to protest against the “Islamification” of London.

4. There were also counter demonstrations held by a group called Newcastle Unites against the EDL.

6. Police ensured the groups were separated.

#NewcastleUnites and #EDL well separated by 4 lines of police Funnily, there's more black and brown faces this side

— RFMacDonald (@Robert MacDonald)

Interesting scenes in Newcastle #EDL

— harrykaye1 (@Harry Kaye)

#NewcastleUnites marching back, getting strung out. Flash points with #EDL

— RFMacDonald (@Robert MacDonald)

#EDL trying to get to #NewcastleUnites by side streets near Haymarket

— RFMacDonald (@Robert MacDonald)

Few #EDL stumble into #NewcastleUnites ...Beat a hasty retreat

— RFMacDonald (@Robert MacDonald)

11. Joe, a 6-year-old who demonstrated with Newcastle Unites, just wanted the EDL to stop being nasty and get on with their own lives.

Makes sense... #NewcastleUnites #EDL

— RFMacDonald (@Robert MacDonald)

12. Police said they made “a number of arrests,” but the demonstrations went “without major incident,” according to the BBC.

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